First things first, I’m a creative. I know all very well about that sickening feeling in your gut when you have to talk “business” when it comes to your passion. I know all about that knot that whirls up in your stomach when you realize you have to do social media. And lastly, I know all too well how it feels when you finally execute your idea and have zero support from family and friends, no mentorship, a floss-thin branding strategy and lack of brand and business growth.

I also know what it’s like to be that girl that quits her dreams over and over again, only to consume hours of Youtube and Instagram, admiring, analyzing and criticizing everyone else’s dream.

Everything changed for me the day I stopped being a Bitter Betty and started taking responsibility for my life. After years of working in the Entertainment Industry and working with various brands to design and create their digital identity, I started noticing how quickly these brands grew within six months from Startup to Internet famous.


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Then I started studying the tools they used, the strategies they implemented, and then I tried and tested my own. As I picked up on different hacks, I slowly began offering different online marketing services to my clients. As their brands soared, bigger brands with even bigger budgets came. How cool it was–little ol’ me–growing as an artist and a marketing professional.

And although I loved my life, I still felt unfulfilled. Here I was making great money, doing exactly what I love, living a life supported by my creativity. Yes, I directed, wrote songs, became a Grammy Voting Member, provided marketing for cool companies,  helped design or market revolutionary game-changing products, and lived a life completely on my terms. I lived the ultimate multi-passionate life, but something really bothered me.

I was constantly surrounded by brilliant women who didn’t possess the mindset, tools and strategies to succeed and instead of fighting for it…they just settled. And it drove me crazy that they just settled.

So I figured I needed to do something about that.

Not only did I want to create a platform to help women develop the grit to do what they love, I also wanted to take all ten years of combined marketing, branding and consulting experience to help female creatives carve out a space online, and build a profitable creative business.

Whether it be your personality, talent, storytelling, product or service–I want to teach you all the tools and secrets that I, Big Brands and Girl CEO’s at the top of their game have used to catapult their business.

It all starts with following your imagination. Your dreams are where you’re most bankable.

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